Forest Watch

A Volunteer Citizen Patrol group
co-operating with the US Forest Service
In response to abuses of the National Forest in the Nederland, Colorado area, particularly long-term camping, careless campfire practices, trash dumping, and other disrespect for the environment and disregard of Forest Service regulations, the Indian Peaks Forest Watch group has been formed. The objective of this group is to mitgate the danger of wildfire, help protect local residents against crime , and help prevent over-use and abuse of public lands.
Forest Watch is an educational and observation group only; it has no role in enforcement activities except to advise appropriate law enforcement agencies about current circumstances on public lands. These “Citizen Patrol” volunteers will watch for illegal or dangerous activities in the local forest areas and submit reports to a central database for follow-up. Any situations requiring emergency response will, of course, be reported to 911.

The pages and links to be presented here in the future will provide more information about the problems confronting publics lands near metropolitan areas, and the efforts of local citizens to address those issues.

Indian Peaks Forest Watch (IPFW) is a non-profit, grassroots citizen’s group working to protect and improve our local communuty.

IPFW is actively soliciting similar citizen’s groups to join with us in developing plans and procedures to address the challanges of living in the urban/ wildland interface.